"Peridium" is defined as a "protective coating or covering". As well as being an appropriate meaning for a protective coating, Peridium also projects the technology focus within the quality conscious environment of Diamond Vogel Paints.

Extensive quality control measures are taken to ensure that a proper particle size is maintained. This tightly controlled particle size distribution ensures excellent pass transfer efficiency to the powder coatings end user.

Other factors contributing to a superior manufacturing process include:
- Accurate raw material assembly
- 3-D feedback premixing
- Stabilized product packaging
- Strict, continuous quality control

The final step in the production process is packaging by weight in our climate-controlled facility. Delivery options include 50 lb. boxes, 250 lb. drums, 1000 lb. totes and 2000 lb. supersacks.

We will build on our tradition of quality by doing whatever it takes to Deliver Quality Coating Solutions Distinctively.

We do this through continuous improvement in our process and with integrity in our relationships, leadership and stewardship.

Our goal is that customers delight in our products and services.

The Vogel Quality Management System received ISO 9001:2000 certification for our Vogel®Development Laboratory, Diamond Vogel® Liquid Production Facility and Peridium® Powder Production Facility in Orange City in January of 2004. Diamond Vogel® serves diverse customers in the consumer, professional, automotive, and industrial paint and coatings markets. BSI (British Standards Institute), a global quality auditing and registration firm, certified the Vogel Quality Management System to the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Our commitment to quality is apparent in the quality of our powder and the quality of our finishes!

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