Powder coatings are essentially liquid paint that is made without water or petroleum based solvents, much like dehydrated foods. The major difference between liquid and powder coatings at the point of the coatings use is that powder coatings must be baked with heat in order to melt the dried paint together and cure the coating to its final hardness. Liquid coatings can be sprayed at room temperature and most cure without the use of additional heat. The presence of heat to bake powder coatings creates the largest performance feature. This performance feature in powder coatings is exhibited in final hardness and abrasion resistance of the coating.

Some of the steps involved with our comprehensive research and development process include:
• In-depth raw materials evaluation
• Computer-aided color development
• Strict specification compliance
• Laser-aided particle size documentation
• Full service application laboratory
• Accelerated performance testing to verify long term weathering

Diamond Vogel Paints maintains a solid understanding that even in a high technology marketplace, no one technology will fit every application. Powder coatings provide an impressive low-pollution alternative, but not every substrate can withstand a baking temperature. New low VOC liquid coatings, in combination with powder coatings in uniform colors, provide a complete environment solution.

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