Peridium® powder coatings offer excellent application and performance characteristics. Peridium®'s tightly controlled particle size distribution provides extremely good first pass transfer efficiencies and edge coverage, along with the smoothest film available.

Click on one of the Peridium® powder coatings formulas below to see a list of the products and applications that are used for each...

TGIC | Urethane | Hybrid | Epoxy

Use the table below to identify the formula most appropriate for your needs:
Agricultural Equipment TGIC, Urethane
Air Conditioners Urethane
Appliances TGIC, Epoxy
Business Machines Epoxy, Hybrid
Construction Equipment TGIC, Urethane
Electrical Enclosures TGIC, Urethane, Hybrid, Epoxy
Fire Extinguishers Hybrid
Garden Tools Hybrid
Hospital Equipment Epoxy, Hybrid
Lawn and Garden Equipment TGIC, Urethane
Lawn Furniture TGIC, Urethane
Light Fixtures Urethane, Hybrid
Office Furniture Urethane, Hybrid, Epoxy
Oil Filters Epoxy, Hybrid
Power Tools Hybrid, Epoxy
Recreational Equipment TGIC, Urethane
Shelving Hybrid, Epoxy
Tool Boxes Hybrid, Epoxy
Under-hood Automotive Urethane, Hybrid, TGIC
Wheels and Rims TGIC, Urethane
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