TGIC Polyester Powder Coating Uses
Peridium® TGIC Polyester powder coatings feature characteristics of long-term exterior durability, high performance mechanical properties and overbake resistance.

Typical applications include:
• Agricultural Equipment
• Appliances
• Construction Equipment
• Electrical Enclosures
• Lawn and Garden Equipment
• Lawn Furniture
• Recreational Equipment
• Under-hood Automotive
• Wheels and Rims

Technical Data for TGIC Polyester Powder Coatings
Peridium® TGIC Polyester powder coatings offer excellent application and performance characteristics. Peridium®'s tightly controlled particle size distribution provides extremely good first pass transfer efficiencies and edge coverage, along with the smoothest film available. Long term exterior durability, high performance mechanical properties and overbake resistance are also common characteristics of these premium TGIC Polyester coatings.

- Recommended cure schedule is 10 minutes @ 390°F, peak metal temp.
- The cure range for TGIC Polyesters is from 20 minutes at 360°F to 5 minutes at 420°F peak metal temperature.
Faster cure formulations are available.

Cured Film Properties (properties are typical):
PCI Powder Smoothness Rating .......................8-9 (high gloss)
Specific Gravity (ASTM D792) ...........................1.2 to 1.8
Adhesion (ASTM D3359) ...................................5B (100%)
Gloss (ASTM D523) ...........................................30-99
Pencil Hardness (ASTM D3363) ........................H-4H
Impact (ASTM D2794) .......................................160+ inch lbs.
Flexibility (ASTM D522) .....................................1/8 inch - No fracturing
Humidity (ASTM D2247) ....................................1,000+ hours
Salt Spray (ASTM B117) ...................................1,000+ hours

Storage and Handling: Peridium® powder coatings should be stored at normal room temperatures and humidities (less than 80°F and 50-60% RH). Shelf life will be approximately 6 months to over a year depending on storage conditions. Always rotate inventories to ensure trouble-free powder application. When storage conditions are not the same as the application area, allow a 24-hour acclimation period within the application area to prevent moisture condensation in the powder. Always protect virgin and reclaimed powder from excessive heat and humidity.
Industrial Hygiene: Powder handling should always be done in conjunction with proper dust collection and personal protective equipment. Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for more detailed information.

TGIC Polyester Color Selector
Since gloss can not be represented accurately online, this page is limited to showing general color. Colors shown are internet representations and can only approximate the actual color. To accurately view gloss and color, click here to order a color card.

Use the chart below the color samples to determine which Peridium® powder coatings product will work best for your application.

These colors represent commonly available products. For specific colors, gloss and special effects, please contact your Diamond Vogel® Representative or click here.

Tractor Red
ET-5391 TGIC
Regal Red
ET-5392 TGIC
Bright Red
ET-5394 TGIC
Rim Orange
ET-4381 TGIC
Safety Orange
ET-4380 TGIC
Ag Yellow
ET-3394 TGIC
Traffic Yellow
ET-3382 TGIC
Safety Yellow
ET-3395 TGIC
Industrial Yellow
ET-3390 TGIC
Construction Yellow
ET-3392 TGIC
Tractor Green
ET-6390 TGIC
ET-6392 TGIC
Green River Texture
ET-6360 TGIC
Dark Green
ET-6494 TGIC
Dead Flat Military Green
EM-6301 Polyester
Olive Drab
ET-6331 TGIC
Slate Blue River Texture
ET-7397 TGIC
Booth Lite Blue
ET-7393 TGIC
Tractor Blue
ET-7395 TGIC
Border Blue S/G
ET-7681 TGIC
Building Brown S/G
ET-8310 TGIC
Chocolate Brown S/G
ET-8351 TGIC
Brown River Texture
ET-8315 TGIC
Crane White
ET-0394 TGIC
Antique White
ET-0393 TGIC
Bone White
ET-0591 TGIC
Scale Beige
ET-0381 TGIC
Ag Off White
ET-0391 TGIC
Pool White Texture
ET-0601 TGIC
Enclosure Beige
ET-0396 TGIC
Beige Gloss Texture
ET-8320 TGIC
Arctic White
ET-1393 TGIC
Gloss Pure White
ET-1390 TGIC
Cotton White
ET-1391 TGIC
Glacier White
ET-1392 TGIC
Signal White
ET-1397 TGIC
Snow White River Texture
ET-1398 TGIC
Ultra Gloss Jet Black
ET-9390 TGIC
Black Sparkle
ET-9385 TGIC
Jet Black (80-90) S/G
ET-9380 TGIC
Jet Black (70-80) S/G
ET-9370 TGIC
Jet Black (55-65) S/G
ET-9369 TGIC
Jet Black (40-50) S/G
ET-9340 TGIC
Black River Texture
ET-9384 TGIC
Skid Loader Gray
ET-8381 TGIC
Crane Gray
ET-0397 TGIC
Ansi 49 Gray S/G
ET-0360 TGIC
Ansi 61 Gray
ET-0398 TGIC
Ansi 70 Gray S/G
ET-0330 TGIC
Red Oxide Epoxy Primer
EE-5411 TGIC
Ansi 49 Gray Primer
EL-0371 TGIC
Gray Zinc Primer
ET-0375 TGIC
Signal White Primer
ET-1399 TGIC
Brown Speckle Texture
ET-8322 TGIC
Etched Stone Speckle
ET-0593 TGIC
Speckle Sand Texture
ET-8321 TGIC
Cedar Deck Texture
ET-8345 TGIC
Deck Clay Texture
ET-0382 TGIC
Redwood Deck Texture
ET-8340 TGIC
Jet Black Wrinkle
EM-9302 Polyester
Silver Sparkle
ET-2381 TGIC
Dull Metallic
ET-2351 TGIC
Silver Chrome*
ET-2385 TGIC
Dark Gray Hammertone
ET-2610 TGIC
Gray Hammertone
ET-2386 TGIC
Coppertone Vein
ET-2388 TGIC
Silvertone Vein
ET-2389 TGIC
Goldtone Vein
ET-2387 TGIC
Clear Gloss
ET-0390 TGIC
Ultra Clear L/C
ET-0701 TGIC
*Clear Coat Required
Use the chart below to determine which Peridium Powder Coatings product will work best for your application.
Example: ET-9390: E = Powder Coating, T = TGIC Polyester, 9 = Black, 3 = 10 min. @ 390ºF, 9 = 90 @ 60º Gloss
First Letter Indicates Type of Product:
E = Powder Coatings
Second Letter Indicates a Family of Coatings:
A = Acrylic
E = Epoxy
H = Hybrid
M = Miscellaneous Cure
N = Non-Emissive Urethane
P = Primid Polyester
T = TGIC Polyester
U = Urethane, Emissive
First Number Indicates Color:
0 = Off-Whites, Clears
1 = White
2 = Aluminum/Metallic
3 = Yellow
4 = Orange
5 = Red
6 = Green
7 = Blue
8 = Brown, Charcoal
9 = Black
Second Number Indicates Cure Range (Substrate at peak metal temperature):
1 = 10 min. @ 450ºF
2 = 10 min. @ 425ºF
3 = 10 min. @ 390ºF
4 = 10 min. @ 375ºF
5 = 15 min. @ 350ºF
6 = 20 min. @ 325ºF
7 = 20 min. @ 300ºF
8 = 20 min. @ 275ºF
9 = Below 275ºF
Third Number Indicates Initial Gloss at 60º:
0 = Wrinkle, Texture, Special Effect
1 = 0-19
2 = 20-29
3 = 30-39
4 = 40-49
5 = 50-59
6 = 60-69
7 = 70-79
8 = 80-89
9 = 90-99
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